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A Limburg based company has been invited to present its product at the European Congress in Prague.

Press Release June 2021

COTEC represents 32 European occupational therapy associations and more than 195,000 occupational therapists.

This organization celebrates its 35th anniversary this year with a major international congress.
Between the sessions of numerous professors, doctors and care providers, OT-Pro together with PXL will also have a place here.

OT-Pro is a software package for occupational therapists and it finds its origin in the academic world. Hogeschool PXL developed a tool to follow up students during their practical training. Based on theentered parameters, the tool generated an output about the therapy and interventions for the patients that were concerned.

This didactic tool turned out to be an excellent instrument to assist professional occupational therapists in their guidance towards a higher independence and self-reliance of their patients. This is how the collaboration with the software company Q-Top came about.

Q-Top could already count on years of experience in software for physiotherapists. They are the present market leader in Belgium with their software package KineQuick.

About a year ago, Ingrid Eyckmans was appointed as director of OT-Pro and from that moment on, everything went very quickly, according to Etienne Custermans, the business manager of Q-Top.

The OT-Pro tool helps with the clinical reasoning of the occupational therapist based on various measuring instruments, tests, and the ICF-Coresets drawn up by the WHO. This is a unique concept and contributes to the professionalization of the OT-profession. Hence the interest from abroad. In Germany, the Netherlands, and France, the creation of OT-Pro has been noticed and the first steps towards cooperation have already been taken.

“The fact that COTEC has given us the opportunity to present our product confirms the need for digitalisation in occupational therapy, even abroad, and together with PXL we are happy to seize this opportunity", according to Ingrid Eyckmans, OT-Pro director and Joris Vandebosch, head of occupational therapy training at PXL University.

Want to see it from the front row?

You can follow the presentation of Prof. Annemie Spooren (PXL Hogeschool), Mrs. Iris Vaanheel (PXL Hogeschool) and Mrs. Ingrid Eyckmans (Director OT-Pro) online on Wednesday 15 September 2021 from 13:05 to 13:50 in Virtual Room 4.

For more information visit www.cotec-enothe2021.com