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Occupational Therapists from the working field

Bjorn Leroy

Practice name: Ergo Leroy

About: 'T CAUTER: A multidisciplinary group practice specialized in advice, guidance and treatment of children, young people, adults and seniors with specific care needs in medical dietetics, general nutritional advice, psychological support, occupational therapy and podological assistance.

Website: www.tcauter.be

Filip Schepens

Practice name: Ergo-Droom

About: The (DREAM)question of the person and/or partner, parent(s) is always the starting point. Together we look at which obstacles people encounter and how we can help the dream/development move forward.

Website: www.ergo-droom.be

Inge Bolckmans

Practice name: Inge Bolckmans

About: In my occupational therapy practice, I treat children and adolescents as well as adults who experience difficulties with activities in their daily lives.

Website: www.ergotherapie-ingebolckmans.be

Tinneke Claes

Practice name: Samen Sterk

About: Group practice for occupational therapy, wobble gymnastics, burn out coaching, child coaching and career coaching.

Website: www.groepspraktijksamensterk.be

Kevin Naudts

Naam praktijk: VLOE-S!

About: Mandate student affairs and Flemish consultation Occupational Therapy - Students! (VLOE-S!)

Website: www.ergotherapie.be

An Cleuren

About: Occupational Therapy with the key to independence. For physical rehabilitation, fall prevention, skills training, home modifications and tailor made aid.

Website: www.ergoac.be

Kathleen Op de Beeck

Practice name: AP Hogeschool

About: AP College Antwerp is a pluralistic Flemish university College in Antwerp, Mechelen, Turnhout en Lier. In total, just about 14.000 students follow courses. The college offers 28 professional bachelor courses and 16 graduate courses.

Website: www.ap.be

Freja Maenhout

Practice name: D-Akt Ergotherapie

About: Children with learning and developmental problems and adults with motoric, cognitive or psychological problems.

Website: www.d-aktergotherapie.be

Katrien Roos

Practice name: Lerende Handen

About: Expanding leisure activities by means of aid/tools. Children’s therapy by means of carving, games, self-sufficiency training.

Website: www.lerendehanden.be

Karlien Bongaerts

Practice name: Groepspraktijk OM+

About: A health practice that extends from classical medicine to complementary medecine and on the other hand from physical health care to mental health.

Website: www.groepspraktijkomplus.be

Ilse Maes

Practice name: Muna Het Steger

About: House for low-threshold, small-scale projects for those who have less opportunities.

Website: www.hetsteger.be

Leergoed - lieselot

Practice name: Leergoed Lieselot

About: Guiding children with extra care needs in their growth towards independence. This in collaboration with school, parents and other (external) therapists.

Website: www.leergoed.be

Pierre Seeuws

Practice name: Ergotherapie Vlaanderen

About: The trade association informs and supports, and stands up for the collective as well as the individual interests of the occupational therapist.

Website: www.ergotherapie.be