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The Academy

OT-Pro is a software package for occupational therapists.

In addition to a client registration system, an agenda management system and a billing and monitoring system, the tool helps the occupational therapist with the clinical reasoning. Based on tests and assessments, whether or not through ICF-coding, an action diagnosis will be determined, goals are defined and an intervention plan will be drawn up. With one single click, you get a clear and professional report, fully evidence based.

Purpose of The Academy

  • Exchange of knowledge

  • Aligning care

  • Profiling

  • Positioning

  • Professional innovation

  • Quality approach

  • Participation within scientific research

  • Mark out objectives in terms of content

Working groups

1. Coding: ICF expansion

  • This working group focuses on the expansion of the ICF coresets.

    The composition of new code sets around certain disorders or combination of disorders. These code sets will be tested later on by the academic world.

    After confirmation concerning scientific foundation, these will be included in the tool.

  • In addition, with an overview of conditions and disorders it would be possible to display an overview of possible core sets or code sets

2. Measuring instruments and tests

  • Which are the interesting measuring instruments and tests available for which conditions and disorders?

    A proposal could come from the tool.

    This team helps with the compilation based on their own experiences.

3. OT-Pro for RCC (residential care centres)

  • This team helps to steer the pilot project around the needs and adjustments of the tool, specifically for the Residential Care Centres.

4. Templates

  • This team supports the creation of templates and fixed formats concerning letters and notes like e.g. a model for an observational baseline, reports, ...

5. Steering group

  • Further development of OT-Pro. Filling out the needs and setting priorities.

  • Loose ideas, proposals coming from other users or working groups are reviewed.

  • This team helps to determine the priorities for the developers.

Composition of the OT-Pro Academy

1. The professional organisations and other occupational therapy organisations

Overview of the professional organisations and other occupational therapy organisations in Belgium.

2. Schools

Overview of all educational institutes in Belgium that use OT-Pro in their training/formation Occupational Therapy: Educational Institutes

3. Occupational therapists from the working field

Overview of all Occupational Therapists that are affiliated with one or more working groups.

Will you be a part of our knowledge centre?

The software package of OT-Pro was founded in the academical world and was redesigned and reformed into a complete package for the working field.


Joining the knowledge centre is a part of the OT-Pro Academy, where also schools, professional organisations and other experts contribute.

As a member of this knowledge centre you can use the tool for free until the end of 2021. The OT-Pro team offers you a personal intake and an evaluation moment.


Within the Academy, several items will be initiated like working groups around coding, measuring instruments, tests, etc ...

Also, during the personal guidance the OT-Pro team can detect the specific needs of the users and therefore create the perfect tool.

Free* registration is possible by sending a mail to academy@ot-pro.com mentioning the group(s) you could like to participate in.

* Maximum 100 members